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Panama Small Hotels

Panama has revealed itself to be a place for tourism, shopping, technology and other elements of the modern world, without sacrificing its roots or its environment. You can literally go shopping on the Colon Free Zone, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, take the highway to have lunch at the modern city of Panama, and go to one of the famous beaches along the Pacific Coast, all on the same day. Along the way, you can also visit touristic places or, if you feel like it, visit the Miraflores locks. Panama is a place for exciting adventures, every single day.

The renowned shopping malls is proof the fact that the City of Panama is one of the most modern urban centers in the region. In it you can find the most famous names fashion en USA and Europe, the latest in technology, the best in jewelry, furniture, accessories and beauty, along with hair stylists, oculists, department stores and more. Multiplaza has raised the bar for shopping malls in Panama and Central America. But Panama City is not limited to Multiplaza. Albrook Mall, Los Pueblos, MetroMall, Multicentro, El Dorado, Los Andes Mall and many others await you. Panama is the commercial center by excellence in Central America.

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Turistas gastaron $1,522 millones en Panamá entre enero y mayo
Un informe de la Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá (ATP) revela que en los primeros cinco meses de este año los turistas que llegaron a Panamá gastaron mil 522 millones de dólares
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Panamanian coffee, first in the world
Coffee Panama La Esmeralda, produced on the estate of the same name located in Boquete
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Se entrega reconocimiento al señor José "Tito Thomas"
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Los Quetzales Lodge & Spa

Cerro Punta - Chiriquí     Area: Poblado de Guadalupe
Tucked away in the highland cloud forest, Los Quetzales Lodge & Spa is ideal for those longing to retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern living. - 50 minutes by air to David from Albrook Airport (Panama City) or rent a ca...
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Hotel Rincon Vallero

El Valle de Antón - Coclé     Area: El Valle de Antón
The hotel has beautiful and varied plants, ornamental ponds with beautiful clear waters and colorful fish, among other attractions. The natural beauty surrounding the hotel makes it a really different, exotic and welcoming. 2 h...
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Acore Lodge

La Palma - Darién     Area: Calle Arriba
Acore Lodge is characterized as an ecological residential accommodation, that is located on the banks of Rio Tuira and into the vast jungle of the Darien
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Al Natural Resort

Bocas del Toro - Bocas del Toro     Area: Isla Bastimentos
Between jungle and sea, Al natural Resort is a comfortable and private retreat, perfectly integrated into the lush tropical enviroment. - 60 minutes by air to Bocas del Toro from Albrook Airport (Panama City) or rent-a-car 8 h...
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